The Importance Of Air Conditioning In The Workplace

You may think that running the air conditioning in your office isn’t generating any revenue for your company. However, these five reasons should help to convince you that having an efficient air conditioner is a good idea and can actually help to generate more money.

Fewer Lost Working Hours

Employees typically work one hour less during their shift if they are too hot, according to various studies, meaning that your employees should be working to their full potential if you maintain your workplace at the proper temperature. It’s a big reason to make sure you have air condition so that your employees are actually working and not slacking off or complaining about being too hot.

Better Employee Health

One of your priorities should be the health of your employees, and if your working environment is maintained at a regular and comfortable temperature, your employees will be healthier and happier. Healthier employees mean less money spent on their medical costs and health insurance, and fewer days of work lost to sickness. Germs are less likely to thrive in an environment that’s cooler instead of not too warm, and again, fewer germs mean healthier employees and fewer sick days taken.

Your Customers Feel Better

Your clients will feel more comfortable and more inclined to do business if you keep the air conditioning in your office or workplace at a comfortable level. It’s not uncommon for customers to want to visit your office in person before placing an order; a comfortable temperature also helps to create that all-important positive first impression. And in the long run, creating a good impression during that first meeting can help your business to grow too, and increase the chances of future orders.

Better Concentration

Employees generally focus better and don’t make as many mistakes if they are working somewhere where air conditioning is keeping the temperature just right, and they aren’t too warm. An office that’s too hot means your employees lose focus, aren’t concentrating as much, and are much more likely to make a mistake, one that could potentially cost your company money.

Saving Your Company Money

Of course, an air conditioner will use more energy than a fan, and it’s one reason why some business owners hesitate to install air conditioning in their workplace. But in the long run, having air conditioning installed will always save you money, as can be seen by the points made above. And if you do install a fan, you’ll probably need to install more than one of them, and they can be awkward, noisy and distracting. You’ll only need one air conditioner in a small or medium-sized office to keep everybody cool and comfortable, and most employees won’t even notice that its running, but will certainly feel the difference.


Depending on the type of business you operate, you may have more benefits to having air conditioning than the ones mentioned here. It’s definitely time to reconsider of you have decided that your employees don’t need the benefits of an air conditioner. Contact our expert technicians today, if you need an air conditioner installed in your warehouse, office, or industrial building, and we’ll take care of it as efficiently as possible.