What To Look For In A Mechanic

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on average, Americans spend 93 percent of their life indoors. The agency further states that various skin and breathing problems are caused due to poor indoor air quality. The quality of indoor air is 2 to 100 times more polluted the outside air.

Therefore, proper maintenance and working of the HVAC system of your home is an integral part of its functioning. As such, you should always hire HVAC repair contractors to take care of any issues that you may face. The fall or spring is preferably the best season to schedule an HVAC maintenance and service. It is necessary for a healthier and longer life of the unit. Some things can be looked at just once or twice a year, while others require immediate attention. You purchased the HVAC system for enjoying comfortable room temperature throughout the year. But, to ensure that it functions smoothly, you also need to care for it and maintain it regularly. Find below ten methods to increase your HVAC system’s life and prevent it from breaking down soon.

• Clean the areas surrounding your HVAC system regularly, as dirt and debris and dirt in and around the system can restrict airflow.
• Make sure that the system is installed correctly and the settings are as recommended. Both wrong system settings and improper system failure result in an unexpected system failure.
• People think that a bigger AC is better. However, that is not true. For advice on the correct size of the HVAC system, contact a reliable HVAC service provider.
• The HVAC system’s ideal temperature is 68 degrees during winter and 78 degrees during summer.
• The familiarity of the HVAC system can help you whenever it malfunctions. You can troubleshoot the unit until a nearby HVAC service provider arrives to fix it.
• In hot weathers, stop the water supply to the furnace humidifier. Set the humid adjustments between 30% and 40% during winter, by turning on the water supply.
• Set the registers above 20% to avoid strain on your HVAC system.
• Remember to replace the batteries in the carbon monoxide detector at least once a year.
• Improper lubrication reduces the efficiency of your system as it can increase the friction of moving parts. It can cause them to wear out sooner than expected. Therefore, lubricate your HVAC at frequent intervals.
• Frequently clean the condensate drain line to make sure that it is free from harmful bacteria, algae, dirt, and fungus.

#Pro Tip
Mix 3 cups water with 1 cup bleach and stir it well. Clean the condensate drain line by pouring this solution directly into it.

HVAC systems have a life expectancy of about 15-20 years and do not last forever. Therefore, if your HVAC system is close to that duration, purchase a new one instead of repairing the existing one. When you’re looking for a new system, consider the below-mentioned factors.

• Area, in square foot, to be cooled/heated
• The amount of shade your home receives
• The type of construction (wood, concrete, or any other material)
• Insulation provided to ceilings and walls
• The ideal indoor temperature in which you feel comfortable
• Facing the direction of windows and doors
• Number of skylights, windows, and doors

You will be to invest in a system that works efficiently throughout the year by considering the above points. Remember, the HVAC is your home’s respiratory system. It keeps your heating AC systems and furnaces in place. Therefore, please keep it in smooth working condition and clean at all times. Likewise, make sure that its air ducts are clean by changing its filters once every three months or if they are dirty.

How can dirty filters affect the HVAC system:

• The buildup of debris and dirt such as rodent infestation, dust, pet hair, and mold can reduce the efficiency
• Lead to system failure
• Excessive power bills due to wastage of energy

You can ensure that the HVAC systems are in good condition by looking after your heating AC systems as well as furnaces.

Here is what you should look out for in both cases.

• The flame of the furnace can be a sign suggesting the state of your system. It is okay and in a good working condition if the flare is crisp blue. But, you will need to call a professional furnace repair company if the flame is yellow or orange.
• The first step is to check your safety. Any loose connections or leakage can decrease efficiency or lead to safety issues.
• Your furnace becomes more prone to breakdowns the older it gets. In case your furnace is more than 5 to 20 years old as well as its repair costs you 15% more than purchasing a new furnace, consider replacing it.
• An overworked furnace leads to bloated energy bills. Get in touch with a local furnace repair company, if you begin seeing a significant increase in your power bills, and get a new furnace installed.
• An outdated duct system will no longer be able to distribute heat evenly throughout your house.
• An inefficient furnace can cause some rooms to be warmer or colder than others.

Professional advice is undoubtedly better than a DIY approach if you start experiencing any of the above.

Heating AC Systems
Repairing your heating AC systems is never easy, especially when winter is approaching.

The scenario is worse in case your heater has broken down. You have no options left apart from calling an emergency local HVAC repair service. It will cost you a lot of money.

Unlike most homeowners, you should not ignore the following signs of heating problems in your HVAC system.

• Even though you turn up the thermostat, the entire house is not warm enough.
• Your heating system is consuming too much energy.
• When an AC short cycles, it uses a lot of energy every time it has to start and stop because it is not running long enough to complete a heating cycle.
• You should immediately turn off the furnace if you notice flame discoloration. It should always be blue. Else, it is a sign of rust or debris inside the burner.
• Get a professional service close to you to check your HVAC at least two times per year. They will check for faults with motors and electric supply.

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