Furnace Repair

Experienced Furnace Repair Contractor

It is important to keep your furnace/heating system operating at peak performance to ensure comfort throughout our cold Minnesota winters. Spending any length of time without heat during our coldest days and nights can be both extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. We’re committed to providing the services and products you need to remain comfortable. You can count on our experienced and knowledgeable heating technicians to arrive at your home promptly to keep you and your family warm all winter long.

24-Hour Emergency Service in Eden Prairie & Surrounding Cities

Sometimes it just seems that things you need the most, including your heating system, will falter or break down at the worst possible time. Considering your heating equipment has to work much harder during high-use times, breakdowns will occur and shouldn’t be too surprising. However, any heating failures outside normal business hours can be very stressful. With Eden Prairie HVAC Pros, there’s no need to worry about ”no heat” situations at any time because our trained technicians are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

We’re truly on call for furnace repairs whenever you need us and you can reach us easily with just a phone call. Our service technicians are trained to work on all brands. Our heating repair services cover a full range of heating needs, bringing you the peace of mind you need during any long, cold winter.

Preventive Maintenance Will Save You Money & Reduce Stress

Our customers get peace-of-mind with our preventive maintenance program, which saves them money in several ways. Our technicians perform full inspections and regular maintenance on your heating system to keep it running in peak condition. These routine checks also help reveal any potential issues before they become expensive problems. Our Preventive Maintenance customers save even more with discounts on any HVAC repair parts and other items. Check out our Preventive Maintenance program here for more details, or call us today to learn more.